By: Arup, 2013
Material: Stainless Steel
Technology: Selective Laser Melting
Manufactured by: 3D Systems

The benefit of 3D-printed metal architectural nodes is manifold: beyond optimizing a component’s structural performance with less material, they considerably reduce traditional construction costs like transporting materials, pre-fabrication and final assembly.

Salomé Galjaard’s role as a product and interaction designer allows her to work with many of the different specialists and disciplines that are a part of Arup. These multidisciplinary projects demand a clear and quick exchange of knowledge and ideas as well as a tight integration of products and solutions.

Salomé has worked on a large variety of projects that often include a research component as well as a functional application. Her research on the use of Additive Manufacturing for structural building elements is a great example: based on difficulties experienced while implementing a project, innovative production methods were analyzed and tested with the purpose of using them in future projects, allowing architects, designers, and engineers to develop solutions that could not be produced until now.