By: Roos Meerman, 2014
Material: Biodegradable PLA
Technology: Fused Deposition Modeling
Manufactured by: Roos Meerman

Using temperature and air to inflate 3D-printed forms like a balloon, this process is similar to glass-blowing techniques and results in much larger objects than those originallyprinted, thus saving considerable material and printing time.

As a designer, Roos Meerman is focused on material and technology development. In his laboratory, he makes machines to examine how he can develop production methods that are controlled by natural phenomena, invisible to the eye. Research starts with all kinds of material tests: dipping, heating, melting, stretching, crushing, or freezing of a material. In this way, he tries to transform the characteristics and the inherent tendency of the material to elicit a certain shape. Roos’ goal is to control the material in such a way that the material preserves its freedom of movement so that the end result is always unique.