By: nTopology, Marie Jo Ketchum & Tina Chahin, 2014-15
Material: TPU 92A-1 / epoxy
Technology: Laser Sintering / Stereolithography
Manufactured by: Materialise

Inputting 3D scans into specialized software generates an ideal breast shape affixed over a deformed breast. A specific insert can then be designed to fit the bust perfectly, with functional and aesthetic advantages over standard prosthetic models.

Brad Rothenberg is the co-founder of nTopology Inc., a startup developing computational design methods to optimize structures, ultimately to make better products that take advantage of the complexity and personalization offered from Additive Manufacturing methods. His early work, which focused on the development of textiles with variable performance using 3D Printing, evolved into a larger emphasis on micro-structures and their impact on material performance. Brad has been working with 3D Printing for ten years and has a background in architecture. Brad is also on the advisory committee of Computational Fashion at Eyebeam, an initiative supported by the Rockefeller Foundation that brings together artists, fashion designers, scientists, and technologists to explore emerging ideas and develop new work at the intersection of fashion and technology. Brad received his B. Arch at the Pratt Institute in 2009.