By: Thomas Vailly & Laura Lynn Jansen, 2014
Material: Polyamide (Nylon)
Technology: Laser Sintering
Manufactured by: Laura Lynn Jansen & Thomas Vailly

As a result of placing a 3D-printed scaffold structure in an environment that encourages stone petrification, these pieces challenge the traditional nature of stone cultivation (carving and extracting) to a process of “growing” stone.

Laura Lynn Jansen & Thomas Vailly are two designers with completely different approaches and signature styles. The strength of their collaboration lies in this duality, challenging each other to go further. In their work we merge research, materials, processes and new production techniques.

Thomas is fascinated by processes and the transformation of materials. His work explores themes of consumption, commodification and industrial production, perverting the material perfection of slick industrial design.

Laura’s creativity lies at the intersection of different disciplines, ranging from fashion to architecture via product design and interior design. She mixes and questions the code of each discipline by stretching their boundaries. During the design process and with almost every project, the space surrounding the human body in various shapes and forms plays a significant role.