By: Carapace Project, 2015
Material: Polyamide (Nylon)
Technology: Laser Sintering
Manufactured by: HSL Italia

This project presents a possible evolution of the human body in which elements similar to crustaceans’ exoskeletons integrate and transform sensory districts. The results are masks that envision augmented hearing or sight according to the mask’s location.

Filippo Nassetti grew up between Bologna, London, and Wien, working in international environments at Plasma Studio Architects and SPAN Architecture & Design, in addition to researching generative design as a design tutor at the University of Bologna. He is currently partner and lead designer at MHOX Design and CARAPACE PROJECT as well as a faculty member at AA Visiting School Jordan.
Alessandro Zomparelli has conducted research on emergent systems, presenting his findings at international conferences such as eCAADe (Prague, 2012) and ACADIA (San Francisco, 2012). Currently, he is partner and lead designer at MHOX Design and CARAPACE PROJECT. Alessandro is also a teaching assistant in Architectural Design at the University of Bologna and a member of Co-de-iT (Computational Design Italy).