Making a Difference

The disruptive nature of 3D Printing is often best perceived in areas outside the experimental field of artistic applications, where it is used to resolve concrete problems, or respond to critical questions in a new way. These areas embrace diverse fields of engineering, science, and other domains, which address challenges that directly affect our lives. By overcoming the limitations set by traditional manufacturing, 3D Printing allows us to rapidly prototype, test and manufacture novel solutions, while constantly uncovering new fields of application.
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This section of the exhibition shows how 3D Printing can make a difference for the ENVIRONMENT, INDIVIDUALS and SOCIETY. These three domains complement each other in addressing various levels of concern: the safeguard of our planet, all of us living together as a society, and each one of us individually. The projects on display illustrate diverse viewpoints or design approaches, and show that there are many ways to use 3D Printing meaningfully.