By: In-Flexions, 2011
Material: Polyamide (Nylon) / Stainless Steel
Technology: Laser sintering / construction laser additive directe (CLAD)
Manufactured by: Irepa Laser

Following the principles of saving resources to an extreme, the CLAD stool explores the constraints and specifications of CLAD (construction laser additive directe) metal printing to design and make an efficient 3D structure that constitutes the minimal expression of a stool.

French designer François Brument set up In-Flexions studio in 2006, a research unit developing digital applications for creating objects, spaces, services, and interactive pieces. His unit is also involved in researching new approaches to design and fabrication, in particular by creating design strategies in perpetual mutations, using code and parametric design as main skills.

He leads research initiatives with the studio, institutions as well as private companies, running their projects from concepts to functional prototypes. His extensive knowledge covers digital conception to fabrication, coding, and electronics