By: WertelOberfell, 2008
Material: Epoxy
Technology: Stereolithography
Manufactured by: Materialise/.MGX

Inspired by fractals, patterns that can be either found in nature or in mathematics, the FRACTAL.MGX connects these two realms. This piece was manufactured in a single piece and would be unable to produce using other manufacturing methods.

The founders of WertelOberfell share a strong interest in new technologies and processes. Very early in their careers, Gernot Oberfell and Jan Wertel discovered the possibilities of computer-aided design along with the idea that software is not just an everyday tool but, through experimentation, is also a source of inspiration and a vehicle for discovering new and exciting form languages. Their work combines these experiments with the logic and beauty of organic forms as well as the reality of product design: the right use of materials, production processes, ergonomics, and functionality.