By: Heilig Graf Turnhout, GBS De Vlinderdreef, Berkenboom Humaniora, Heilig Hartinstituut Heverlee, VIA ASO Tienen,Sint-Victor Turnhout
Material: various materials
Technology: various 3DP technologies
Manufactured by: Materialise

Flemish schools were challenged to find ways to make education more engaging by using 3D Printing. The teachers had no shortage of ideas for: Making the giant tangible: with the 3D World Puzzle, countries, cities, states, and other areas, can be used to create a large puzzle, complemented by additional 3D-printed components such as pins to mark capitals, miniature monuments, and reliefs. Bringing the old back to life: the Hydraulic Saw of Da Vinci reveals how his invention actually works. Making the abstract concrete: the Goni-o-meter is an easy-to-use tool to help children master the art of constructing triangles. Making the invisible visible: the Inner Ear explains the functioning of the ear and the principles of sound.

All of these creative and educational ideas are now collected on and are available for everyone to download to further improve education.

Ideas Worth Making enables a community of passionate people using 3D Printing to make stuff that matters. was launched by Materialise in 2014 by starting an educational contest in which schools were challenged to find ways of using 3D Printing to make education more engaging. A follow-up challenge called on the Maker community to assist in making the ideas generated by the schools a reality. On top of that, a 3D Printing Cloud Toolkit is available on the website.