By: Jan De Cubber, CCE ( member of VIGO), 2011
Material: ABS plastic (implant and skull) & Polyamide (soft tissue ground layer)
Technology: FDM / Laser Sintering
Manufactured by: Jan De Cubber

After a significant portion of a patient’s face was removed due to a malignant tumor, anaplastologist Jan De Cubber, used a 3D-printed patient-specific bone-anchored prosthesis. Later he created this silicone model to illustrate the reconstruction.

Materialise combines 3D medical image-based engineering and 3D printing expertise to make the world better and healthier. With products and services for patient-specific treatments, the company is revolutionizing the medical world. In the field of anaplastology, Materialise has worked closely with Jan De Cubber, an internationally recognized expert in prosthesiology. Continuously researching the chemistry of silicone elastomers, he has developed a plethora of innovative techniques and medical aids that are applied and used worldwide. As such, Materialise and prosthesiologists, such as De Cubber, develop state-of-the-art solutions to not only realize their objectives but also achieve truly stunning results.