By: Monica Hospital & Materialise / Mobelife, 2014
Material: Polyamide (Nylon) / Titanium
Technology: Laser Sintering / Sselective Laser Melting
Manufactured by: Materialise / Mobelife

After 7-year-old Joos was left with a double arm fracture, surgeon Frederik Verstreken used 3D printing technology to create patient-specific surgical guides to assist him with the complicatedosteotomy procedure. While augmenting accuracy, these guides also help diminishing the surgery time.

Materialise combines 3D medical image-based surgical planning and 3D printing expertise to make the world a better and healthier place. With products and services for patient-specific treatments, the company is revolutionizing the medical world. Materialise has expanded its portfolio further by closely working with surgeons, such as hand specialist Frederik Verstreken MD (Monica Hospital, Antwerp, Belgium), to improve the lives of individuals with complex and improperly healed forearm fractures. Together, they are able to take fractures that have deteriorated into a severe handicap and restore them to fully functioning limbs. Elaborating on the nature of this collaborative work, Verstreken states,“These cases are so difficult and complex that it would not be possible to obtain a successful reconstruction using conventional techniques.”