By: Poppy Project Community / Inria Flowers LABz , 2012-15
Material: Polyamide (Nylon)
Technology: Laser Sintering
Manufactured by: Inria

Poppy is an open-source platform to create and share ideas on digital technologies, more specifically, interactive robotic objects. The Poppy Humanoid Robot is made of 3D-printed components that can be easily assembled or replaced when new design improvements become available.

The Poppy Project was born in 2012 in the Flowers Laboratory at Inria Bordeaux Sud-Ouest. It was initiated during Matthieu Lapeyre‘s PhD thesis, supervised by Pierre Yves Oudeyer. In the beginning, the development team was composed of Matthieu Lapeyre (mechanics & design), Pierre Rouanet (software), and Jonathan Grizou (electronics). Development is now also supported by an open community of developers and designers in science, education, and art.
This Project was initially conducted within a fundamental research project financed by ERC Grant Explorers 240007 to examine the role of embodiment and morphology properties in cognition and, especially, in learning sensorimotor tasks.