By: Printed Nest Community / MISS3 s.r.o, 2014-15
Material: PLA plastic
Technology: Fused Filament Fabrication
Manufactured by: Printed Nest Community / MISS3 s.r.o

A worldwide community of people is connected through the Printed Nest project: they create and geo-localize 3D-printed birds’ nests with the aim of reviving dwindling bird populations in urban environments.

Printed Nest is a worldwide community connected by a product through design, Rapid Prototyping, architecture, technology, open-source, green thinking, and more.
Their goal is to promote the continuous genesis of offspring, evolution, and extensions. A cornerstone of their philosophy is “open cloud design”—they rely on feedback from their users, who are considered part of the team. In their opinion, there is no perfect design, no flawless product. 3D printing technology is evolving and perfecting itself; future designs will be bigger, better, and produced much faster than they are now.