By: LeFabShop, 2012
Material: ABS plastic
Technology: Fused Filament Fabrication
Manufactured by: LeFabShop

PROJECT RE_ explores 3D printing as a DIY tool for upcycling, in the form of an open project where people can participate with new designs. All proposals share the same idea: repurpose jars, pots or other waste containers into new functional objects.

Samuel N. Bernier is a Canadian industrial designer working as the creative director for le FabShop since 2012. Trained as an industrial designer in Europe and in the United States, he learned how to stay poetic in a technical world. He leads le FabShop’s design team through a high diversity of projects while writing books about 3D printing and teaching digital manufacturing in France. His work includes many projects about the life of our broken objects and about affordable 3D printing.