By: Studio Nick Ervinck, 2011-12
Material: Polyamide (Nylon) / leather
Technology: Laser Sintering
Manufactured by: Materialise

Inspired by the voluptuousness of the “Rubens woman”, SNIBURTAD tries to create a dialogue between old and new. By shifting the positions of flesh and skeleton inside and out, it shows us how new technologies can be used to renew or reinvent the art of historical tradition.

Fostering cross-pollination between the digital and the physical, Nick Ervinck (°1981, Belgium) explores the boundaries between various media as well as the aesthetic potential of sculpture, 3D prints, animation, installation, architecture, and design.

Through his sculptural objects, Nick examines spatial positioning and points to the phenomenological experience and the embodiment of space. These works oscillate between the static and the dynamic and reinvigorate the capacity of the ornament and the void in order to conceptualize new virtual or utopian territories transformed into reality through the use of sculpt and 3D Printing.